Thermosiphon System


-TSD High efficient TS system with natural circulation (no electricity required)
-Solar Key mark tested
-Collector with integrated return pipe(TSD 150 | 200)
-High efficient heat transfer at the absorber using state of the art laser welding technology
-Tempered solar safety glass
-Enameled double jacket tank with 50mm thick insulation
-Modular system for easy transport and installation
-Mounting sets available flat roof installation 30° and 40° as well as for parallel installations on pitched roofs

Engineered as a 2 circuit system, our Thermosiphon System offers a high quality enameled double jacket tank and is available in 3 sizes.

Our thermosiphon collector has been optimised by incorporating the return pipe inside the collector, reducing installation time and make it optical more appealing.

The tank can also be fitted with an optional electric heat rod which ensures that hot water is available when needed.